Let a Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyer Review Your Charges

While a lawyer can be expensive, they’re going to do a much better job of finding out a way for a person to avoid serious penalties compared to the person trying to handle the situation on their own. It’s important for a person to realize how much a lawyer does and how beneficial obtaining legal assistance can be. This is especially important in places like Oklahoma, which has high incarceration rates and severe penalties for many charges.

Checking to Ensure Everything Was Done Properly

There are rules that need to be followed when a person is detained by the police, questioned, and searched. There are also rules for the collection of evidence. It can be incredibly difficult for a person to know whether something was not done properly in their situation. By reviewing the case with their lawyer, they can make sure their rights were upheld and ensure everything was done properly.

Checking for Lower Charges that Might Apply

In general, there are multiple charges that could apply to various crimes. For instance, an assault charge could be a felony or a misdemeanor. If the person is charged with a felony, they will want to have their lawyer consider whether the charges could be lowered to a misdemeanor. If this is possible, the lawyer might be able to obtain a plea deal that will enable the arrested person to avoid a felony conviction, even if they do need to plead guilty to the misdemeanor.

Seeing if the Charges Can be Dismissed

When a person considers their own charges, it can be difficult for them to know if there is a way to have them dismissed. They might not realize evidence was illegally obtained or that they shouldn’t have been pulled over. Even if they realize this, knowing how to argue it in court is difficult. The lawyer, on the other hand, will know how to handle these situations and the case might be dismissed as a result.

A person who has been arrested will want to make sure they have the legal assistance they need to fully review the charges against them. This can help them get a much better outcome for their situation and may enable them to avoid a conviction or severe penalties, depending on their particular situation. If you need help, contact a Tulsa criminal defense lawyer now.

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